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Holiday Bookings FAQ’s

Holiday Bookings

The holidays that are subject to different booking rules are:

*  Thanksgiving

*  Christmas

*  New Years

Additional Rule for Thanksgiving:

Unlike other bookings, balances for bookings for Thanksgiving are charged 90 days prior to arrival.  The down payment is the same 20% of the total.  But the balance is due 90 days prior to arrival rather than 60.

Christmas and New Years bookings only:

Christmas and New Years bookings is 20% down, 20% 5 months prior to arrival, 20% 4 months prior to arrival, remaining 40% due 3 months prior to arrival.  

Why is this?

Christmas and New Years week are the most popular weeks of the year in Cancun.  Thanksgiving week is also a very popular week.  People who frequent Cancun are well aware of this. That’s why it’s not uncommon to be sold out of these holidays several months a head of time. If a cancellation comes along with less than 3-5 months prior to arrival or less, the odds of re-booking these holidays falls off dramatically as the dates get closer and closer.  Because most people that go for these dates have already made their reservations well in advance for these holidays.  Also, air fare tends to go up significantly as planes fill up and are sold out.

Are there any special rules when it comes to booking over Christmas or New Years?  

Yes, Christmas and New Years are always sold as separate and full weeks or longer.  

For a stay that includes Christmas, acceptable departure dates are Dec 27 OR BEFORE.  

For a stay that includes New Years Eve, acceptable arrival dates are Dec 27 OR AFTER.  

*  Whichever holiday books first sets up what’s available for the other holiday.  Example, if the unit you are considering booking for a New Years stay already has a booking for Christmas with a departure date of Dec 26.  Now you know that you can book arriving Dec 26 without issue.  

*  You can stay longer than a week if you like. For a week that includes Christmas, additional nights would be on the front end of your stay.  For a stay that includes New Years, additional nights would be on the back end of your stay. The premium holiday rates would apply to the 7 nights.  Additional nights would be at the pro-rated weekly rates for the month you are booking in which is much less.  You are welcome to book both Christmas and New Years, however the minimum you would be required to pay for in to do so is 1 week at the Christmas week rate and 1 week at the New Years week rate.  If you received a quote that is outside of the parameters above, that would be why the quote was higher, often times much higher.

Are there any other special rules when it comes to booking over Thanksgiving?  

Yes, a full week is required.  This is true even if your booking comprises part of Thanksgiving week but does not include the day of Thanksgiving.

I see dates on the calendar that do not seem to fall into the rules for Christmas or New Years as noted above.  Why is that?

One of two reasons:  1.  One of the holidays already filled in with dates that allowed for the rule to be broken for the other holiday.  Example: If that Christmas week sells for arriving Dec 19/departing Dec 26, then a booking for arriving Dec 26/departing Jan 2 is allowed for that unit.  What you do not see is is which unit booked first, thereby setting up the exception for the other week. Reason 2:  If a person is willing to pay a premium price, sometimes exceptions are made to the rule.  A premium price is one that is substantially higher than the posted rate.